f-r-i-d-ay – Friday!

Yay it’s Friday and not only is it Friday it’s also the last day of term too!

Today is Teddy Bear’s Picnic, we hope that you all enjoy the lunch menu you designed yesterday. 🙂


Can you dress your bear to come to your Teddy Bear’s Picnic today. What will you choice to dress them in? Will it be a dress, a t-shirt and trousers, a football kit or maybe a winter coat!


Can you draw a bear like the one from the maths activity on Wednesday and label it for example; eyes, nose, mouth, ears. If you find this a little tricky, ask your grown-ups to draw a bear template for you, so you can then trace around the shape of bear to held develop your pencil control.


Hard & Soft Comparison Activity.

Like our ‘More & Less’ sheet of paper, write ‘Hard & Soft’ on either side and go around your home to find different objects, materials and toys. Once you have founds lots of different things sit with your family and describe each item and work out whether they need to go on the ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ side of the paper. Explain your reasons as to why you think the item should go on either side.

Shrove Tuesday 16th February – Pancake Day

Everyone loves a pancake, right?…. See if you can help you grown-ups weigh out the ingredients to make your own pancakes. Then, we would like you to count to see how many your recipes makes. We wonder how many pancakes you will eat? What toppings will you have on your pancakes? If you are allow to have a go at flipping a pancake, please, please, please be CAREFUL! You must listen to and follow your grown-ups instructions, as they are there to help keep you safe.

Here is a link for a pancake recipe and as you can see below there’s a Teddy Bear pancake!


Image result for teddy bear pancakes  Image result for teddy bear pancakes Image result for teddy bear pancakes

Have a lovely half term and enjoy the well earned break and rest!

See you all at zoom school on Monday 22nd February.

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard