Follow up activity:

It is really important to keep counting and exploring number during this time. Let’s not forget all the effort and progress that you have all made!

Here is a follow up activity  1. based on our new story:

Either photocopy or draw the different animals from each page in the book and colour. Orally count their feet/foot together pointing at the image whilst counting to ensure you child doesn’t skip count. Then, write the correct number under the picture associated with the correct number of feet. Your child may need reminding of the numbers and how to form/ recognise the numbers independently. Have a go!

Activity 2.

Art activities are good way to bring the story alive for your child. It helps them recall the plot and characters within the book as they start to sequence what has happened in the story! This is an important skill for them to carry into Reception in September and throughout school. Here is a suggestion for you to try:

Try these and see how you go!