Friday 3rd April

Good morning, Lions

We are at the end of week 2 of lock down. You should have been reading every day and completing some work.

Your English task today is to rewrite the following sentences so the adverbial phrase is at the beginning of the sentence. Don’t forget to use the correct punctuation.


The daffodils will be in flower later this month.

I am going to see the bluebells in the woods this afternoon.

The hen sat on her eggs patiently.

The frogs return to their home ponds every year.

The mountains can be seen in the distance.


Concept work

Read the information about river pollution, then answer the questions.

River pollution

  1. Name the longest rivers in the world, Europe and Great Britain.
  2. Why do some people think the Amazon is the longest river?
  3. What are the four main causes of pollution?
  4. How can farms pollute rivers?
  5. Who tries to stop rivers from becoming polluted?
  6. How many oil spillages are in the UK every year?
  7. Which word means the same as ‘injure’?
  8. Explain ‘fly tipping’.
  9. Write an interesting fact about water pollution.
  10. What could we do to prevent water pollution?


Have a good weekend. Remember you are not to go out to the play area or park, or round a friend’s house to play. We all have to keep safe and follow the rules.


Miss P x