Yay – It’s Friday!

Well done to all of you for completing the website work this week. We have enjoyed watching your video’s you’ve sent through of the activities you’ve been completing this week. We have also enjoyed looking through all your lovely work – you’re all working so hard and we are extremely proud of you all!

A big thank you to you for taking part in our ‘Rainbow Superhero Day’ yesterday. We know the video travelled far and wide and it touched many people’s hearts.


Today we would like you to find some facts out about the animal you chose to draw yesterday. We would like you to have a go at forming the initial sound of your chosen animal and as a challenge attempt to form some of the other sounds too! Share the interesting facts with your families and it will be interesting to know whether you learn something new about your chosen animal too. Miss Thrower watched an animal documentary last night and I learnt Giraffes can be quite unkind to one another and I didn’t like watching the clip so I changed channels.


This week we’ve been learning our new sound ‘d’, so we now know; m,a,s,d. We would like you to write these sounds on separate pieces – post-it-note size. We then would like you to see what words you can make with the sounds we’ve been learning so far. You will need the help of your grown-ups for this activity as they will need to form the words for you and then you can ‘fred talk’ them, the same as we do during our R.W.I lessons. There won’t be many words you can make but we want you to get an idea of ‘fred talking’ – sounding out, blending and saying the word. So please don’t worry that there aren’t many words to make.


Either using your number lines which you’ll find in your home learning packs or whether you create your own. We would like you to match numeral to numeral correctly. You can turn it into a game with your families; someone asks you to find a certain numeral or you roll a dice and count how many dots there are and match it to the numeral, put of the pegs into a basket and whichever peg you select you have to say the what numeral you have and then make it to the same numeral on your number line. if you feel your child recognises numeral 20 and between feel free to create a number line which has higher numerals on.

EYFS Focus: 10 Creative Early Years Maths Activities | Famly


It’s another beautiful day today, a little bit chilly so you may need your scarfs and gloves. Miss Thrower did when she out for a walk early this morning. Do you have a bat and ball?…. If you don’t, how about a frying pan and a pair of socks? We’d like you to play tennis. The aim of this activity is hand eye co-ordination and physical development. You can add maths to this activity too and ask you child to count how many times they’ve hit the ball or how many times they’ve thrown the ball for you to hit it.

Have a great day everyone and have a lovely weekend.

See you soon,

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard