Good morning everyone!

Hi Nursery, how are you today? I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities! Start the morning by counting up and down the number line that we made a few weeks ago 🙂


  1. Today’s first activity – This activity is a numeracy activity that builds your child’s understanding of time and measurement – Follow the instructions and suggestions within this document to begin this activity!


2. This next activity is a literacy-based activity – Choose a story that your child likes or is interested in and get started!

Story lucky dip

Put together a story bag, either using pictures drawn/stuck onto pieces of card, or small toys/objects from around the nursery. Get the children to pull them out one by one and use them as narrative props to make up their own stories. You can also create a story bag using a story that your child already knows. They can create the story and use the props to re-tell the story together 🙂


3. Here is a link to CEEBIES – This is an online number jigsaw for your child to try 🙂


Here is an excellent Julia Donaldson story to share with your child 🙂



Speak tomorrow everyone 🙂