Good morning everyone!

Hello Nursery! How are you? I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities! Start the morning by doing a video of funky fingers to warm up those hands. Get a blob of play-dough and follow the video to warm up your fingers!



  1. Today’s first activity is an online maths game – This game focusses on ordering and sequencing of numbers. Recap number digits 1-10 with your child using the number flash cards that we made. Have a go 🙂


2. The next activity is a music and art activity. You will need paint, paper and access to music (through a speaker, tablet or smart phone). Put on a variation of songs or musical genres for your child. Discuss what the music is like and how it makes your child feel.

Paint what you hear

Tape some large pieces of paper to the floor and get the children to paint a giant picture while listening to some evocative music, and responding to the different sounds and moods that they hear.


3. Here is a Cosmic Kids Yoga 🙂



4. Here is a lovely story for your child to watch 🙂



Enjoy! Speak tomorrow for our last day of the summer term 🙂