Good morning everyone!

Good morning Nursery, It is Friday today – Last day of the week before the weekend! I hope you’ve been busy this week and have completed some of the challenges I have given you to try šŸ™‚

  1. Today we have some sorting activities to try first. Find some containers, they don’t have to be coloured. You could colour in some paper squares in different colours and stick the squares onto some cups or containers. Then find a variation of coloured items. See if your child can identify the colours, say the initial sound of the word E.G ‘pppppink’, and pace the item in the correct container. This type of activity is very beneficial for mental organisation with is crucial at this stage of development!


Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā 

2. This next activity supports pencil control and fine motor skills. These precursive activities help children to make an easier transition into writing their letters and numbers. Use a yellow felt tip or pencil to faintly draw lines, and patterns across a piece of paper. Support your child with their tripod pencil grip. Then your child can trace the patterns that you have made accurately with control. You can make this fun by drawing images at either end of the lines or use different colours and pens!



3. The next activity is perfect if you have outside space but can also be done inside! Water play is essential for children to understand capacity and weight. It also supports pouring control and fine motor skills. Find a large tub, container or washing up bowl and a variation of different containers, bottles, jugs etc. Fill the bowl with water and allow your child to experiment with pouring, scooping and filling different items. Explain to your child when the containers are empty, full, and half full!


4. Here is an activity for you to try using our letter sounds – Draw lower case letters ‘a, c, t, s, m ,d’ onto paper. Then your child can trace over the letters with paint using their finger or paintbrush (or use pens!) accurately.





5. Here is a great seaside story – Kipper the Dog is always a favourite in our class!

I have given you five jobs today, so you can do one of the activities over the weekend!

We will speak Monday šŸ˜€ x