Good morning Nursery!

Hello Nursery! Start the morning by singing the Nursery Rhyme that we learnt yesterday. See if you can remember the actions and the lyrics 🙂 Today is Wednesday – What day will it be tomorrow?


  1. Today’s first activity you are going to make Moon Sand. Once made, you can use the Moon Sand to play and explore! Involve your child as much as possible with the creation of the Moon Sand. Allow them to mix, stir, pour and create the mixture 🙂


Kinetic Sand Recipe


2. The next activity is a shape activity – Fill a tray with Moon Sand, salt, flour or rice – Cut out a variation of 2d shapes and hide them in the tray. Use a paintbrush to discover and find the shapes! Below is a link with more shape based activities 🙂




List of Shapes Activities



3. Here is a puppet show for your child to engage with – a variation from reading story books. Your child is familiar with the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🙂



Enjoy! Stay busy Nursery 🙂