Good morning Nursery!

Hello Nursery, how are you today? Start the morning by completing a supersavers online activity video – This will wake you up and get you moving. This video is a PSHE focus about making the right and wrong choices 🙂


  1. Today’s first activity is an online maths game. This game focusses on number ordering – It helps children learn the order of numbers! 🙂


2. The next activity is a cooking activity. This activity practices making healthy snacks for children. They practice their cutting and food preparations skills. Focus on allowing children to safely learn how to chop and cut food independently – You can also encourage healthy eating habits through this activity. Enjoy 🙂


3. The next activity is a physical gross motor activity – All you will need is some space and a pack paper plates – This activity practices on hopping, skipping and jumping skills 🙂


Here is a great story 🙂



Enjoy! Speak tomorrow 🙂