Good morning Nursery!

I hope you all had a restful weekend and are ready for this week’s activities! Start the morning with counting from 1-20 with your grown up. Try patting your head, stamping your feet or clapping from 1-10 forwards and backwards. Your grown up can challenge you by asking you to ‘clap 5 times’ or ‘stamp your feet 9 times’ (using different combinations) to practice your understanding of number.  Your should be awake and ready to start learning now!

  1. Today, your first activity is to create a visual number line with your grown up. This is a really important activity as we will continue to use this number line for various mathematical problem solving activities. You can create the number line in a variation of different ways. I would cut out coloured squared paper and write each number on a different piece of paper from 1-10. Your child can write the number independently, trace over your formation or you can write each number for them, depending on your child. Stick the number line on a wall with blue tac in a straight line in chronological order. Once you have completed this you can practice using the number line together. Point to the number whilst counting forwards and backwards ensuring your child is looking at the correct number.

2. The next activity is a physical activity which helps your child to balance and use they bodies in different ways. Physical games and activities are essential for children at this point in their development. Either create a line with paper or sellotape along the floor. The lines can change direction to make the challenge harder for your child. They need to practice balancing on the lines without touching the floor. You can develop this activity further into an obstacle course with jumping and crawling activities which will develop other gross motor skills.




3. This activity links to our Seaside topic and should develop their creativity and manipulation fine motor skills. Create an ocean picture using blue/green paint and water. Use a small ratio of paint and water on paper to create an effect of the sea. Use the end straw to create a wave pattern across the page. Leave your picture to dry and then cut out underwater creatures with card and scissors. Stick the creatures onto your picture ensuring to name each creature with your child!


4. This is a lovely story to read with your child. If you have a copy read it with your child – If not, here is an online narration of the story book.



Enjoy today’s activities and I will speak to you all tomorrow! 🙂