Good morning Nursery!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities and have been busy working hard! Start the morning by counting from 1-20 aloud with your grown up – If you can start at 20 and count backwards back to 0 as a challenge 🙂 See if you can clap, jump and hop to various different numbers. Maybe try your age!


  1. This activity encourages children to build an understanding of number and quantity. All you need is a a pen, paper and some stickers! Write numbers from 1-10 onto a large piece of paper for your child. Then encourage your child to stick the correct amount of stickers onto each number.



2. This activity encourages the use of fine motor skills and active learning and focus. All you will need is a sieve and a selection of pipe-cleaners. Your child can take their time to insert the pipe cleaners in and out of the holes of the sieve.





3. Encourage your child to complete this puzzle on CBEEBIES. This will encourage their active learning and engagement skills.


4. Here is another short Joe Wicks PE video for your child to get involved with and move to!



5. We would’ve have been learning this song during our Seaside topic! Please listen and sing with your child 🙂



Here is another story that I recommend 😀


Enjoy today’s activities everyone 🙂