Good morning Nursery!

Good morning everyone!

Did you figure out yesterday’s days of the week challenge? Today is Tuesday, the second day of the week. Can you find out what day it is going to be tomorrow? Today I would like you to count all of your fingers and all of your toes from 0 – 20 without stopping! Have a go!

  1. Today’s first activity is a counting activity game that you can continue to use again and again once it is made! You will need 10 or 20 plastic cups, some beads, beans or anything small to count, paper, tape and a pen. Label your number cups from 1-5/10/20 using paper and tape or a pen. Encourage your child to read each number on the cup and line the cups up. Then support your child to place the correct amount of beads, beans etc. into the corresponding number cup. You can do this activity multiple times by mixing up the order of cups, items you count and how far you count using the cups. Below are some examples of different ways you can conduct this activity. Have a go 🙂




2. This is an arts based activity. You will need paint, paper/card and pens. Show your child some pictures or photographs of different gardens in the summer time. Notice the different elements within the garden – Paying attention to the plants and animals that you see 🙂 Then explain that you are going to make your own picture version. Support your child in their creation by helping them to draw different aspects whilst they colour or paint what you have drawn. You can do this activity in many ways, such as, hand prints, finger paints or a mixture of both! – below are some examples 🙂




3. Here is a direct link to a variation of Nursery Rhymes that we sang together and enjoyed. This is a class favourite to sing with your child – Five Current Buns 🙂


4. Here is another fantastic story that I recommend (Below is the animated version and story cover) 🙂 –




Go on a walk outside today and see if you can spot anything from a summer’s garden! Can you see any insects? Can you see any birds? What plants can you see? 


Speak tomorrow everyone 🙂