Good morning Nursery!

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all happy and well today 🙂

Today is the fourth day of the week – Can you work out what day it is today?

Use your number line to count from 1-10/20 with your grown up. Cover 1 or 2 of the numbers and see if your child can work out which numbers are missing by counting up and down the number line. If not, help them by showing them the number that is missing!


  1. Today’s first activity is a fine motor physical activity to improve your child’s finger strength and hand/eye coordination. Below is a selection of hand movements/actions to do with your to improve these skills. These warm up movements should be completed prior to any writing activity for the best results! Have a go! Here is four different exercises to try today 🙂


  • Rainbows: arms out straight starting at one side of your body and moving to the other side
  • Wash the car: fingers out straight move hands around in circles
  • Stars: wiggle your fingers in the air
  • Play the piano: crossing the mid line move fingers up and down keeping them straight


2. The next activity you will need a container, toy cars (or different plastic toys – dolls?), sponge, washing up liquid and water. Place the cars inside container, fill with water and washing up liquid and the sponge. Your child can wash the cars using the sponge. Role play with your child the experience of going to a car wash. Place emphasis on new vocabulary to use and introduce your child!




3. The next activity is focussing on the individual ‘a’ phonic sound. Today we will be placing emphasis on the written formation of the ‘a’. Begin the activity by showing your child the ‘a’ sound. Then demonstrate the written formation of the ‘a’ by writing the letter and using the rhyme ‘around the apple and down the leaf’. Do this a few times and then encourage your child to do the same. Once they are confident with the ‘a’ formation develop their ability by practicing on smaller lines a few more times.



4. Here is another Joe Wicks PE session for your child to try!



5. Here is another fantastic story to read with your child 🙂



Enjoy today’s activities! Speak tomorrow everyone 🙂