Good morning Nursery!

Good morning Nursery πŸ™‚ Start the morning with a big breath and a big stretch! Then with your grown up use the number line that we made a week ago and begin counting up and down the number line. Cover up different numbers and guess which numbers are missing πŸ™‚


  1. This activity is a shape sorting activity. Cut out a variation of different shapes from card or paper – Then label bags / bowls / cups with a shape using card. Encourage your child to sort out the muddled up card shapes into the correct corresponding container! Below are a few different variations that you can complete this task πŸ™‚



2. The next activity is another Read, Write, INC. letter formation focus task. Start by recapping the ‘a and ‘m’ sound that we learnt the other day. Today we are going to focus on the ‘s’ sound. Start by showing your child the ‘s’ and read it together. Then write the formation of the ‘s’ and say the rhyme ‘slither down the snake’ as you form the letter. Encourage your child to form the ‘s’ when they are confident forming the ‘s’ keep progressing and writing it many more times.






3. Here is a listening and attention activity to do with your child. This activities are crucial for your child’s listening and attention skills πŸ™‚

The listening game

One of Colla’s go-to indoor games for her preschoolers and grandchildren, this game is sure to both educate and delight little ones. Take out several miscellaneous items. Have the children look at all the items, and then take them away. Next, ask one child to hide his or her eyes and listen as you pick up an item and make sounds with it. Ask the child to guess which item made the sound. Examples of items might be a comb (run your fingers along it), a glass (gently tap it), cymbals, shakers, sandpaper, blocks rubbed together, a pot and spoon. Be creative and have fun!


4. Here is another Cosmic Yoga πŸ™‚



Another fantastic story I recommend πŸ™‚



Speak tomorrow Nursery!