Half Term

Well done everyone. It has been a challenging half term, trying to get to grips with new technology and a new way or learning, but we made it through!


Here are some optional half term challenges for you and your family. Remember, you should only be socialising with the people you live with.

1) Did you know pancake day is Tuesday 16th Feb? Why not get create with some pancake making together.
2) Camping – in your home! Why not make a den or tent and have a night ‘under the stars’ in your own home…
3) Did you know Wednesday 17th Feb is Random Acts of Kindness Day? Why not write a letter to a family member telling them how much you love them? Or have a video chat with someone? What other kind acts can you think of to do?
4) Why not have a home cinema day? Choose a family film, maybe get some snacks and drinks ready, and cosy up together.
5) What about learning a new song or dance that you could show your family or someone using a video chat?

Have a wonderful half term everyone and I will see you back in zoom school on 22nd Feb.