Happy 1st of April Koalas! 

To view and download the work sheets, please click the links below.

I have included a Maths and English booklets below for the Easter Break!

Maths: .

Easter Maths Activity Booklet


Easter English Activity Booklet  

In addition or alternatively to the learning resources here, please log on to the Edshed to access the Maths and English online learning that I have set.

Parent/Carer: Please note that I have posted booklets for both English and Maths as I will not being posting again until after the Easter break, posting will resume on April 20th.

The Edshed resources remain accessible during the break and I have also included additional optional resources below.

Optional additional resources:





Create an Easter Acrostic poem. In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line spells a word. The word is the subject of the poem.


Eggs hidden among the bushes

Awaiting to be found





Also if you’re feeling creative have a go at drawing the pictures that I posted yesterday!

Please note that I would advise you all to write the date in your yellow work books and complete the answers in there rather than printing each worksheet.

I hope that you are all have a wonderful Easter!

Mrs Brooks