Happy Friday everyone!

Hello Nursery! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities and stayed busy all day! Can you remember any new facts about sea creatures from yesterday’s task? What sea creatures can you name? Do you have a favourite sea creature?


  1. Today’s first activity is an Expressive Arts & Design activity – I would like you to role play / recreate a shop at home! You can use food / tins / boxes etc. Create your own food labels / price tags and till. Encourage your child to use new vocabulary and prices during their play. Encourage confidence and questioning with your child throughout play 🙂



2. The next activity is a fine motor activity – Follow the link to learn how to complete the task 🙂




3. Here is an online maths activity to try with your child. This activity focusses on 2D shapes!




4. Here is another Cosmic Kids Yoga to explore. This video also focusses on mindfulness 🙂



Here is another lovely story – This is a counting book 🙂



Have a lovely weekend! Speak on Monday 🙂