Happy Friday Nursery!

Good morning Nursery, today is the last day of the week before the Half Term holidays – You can all rest, play and enjoy the sunshine 🙂


  1. This is a phonics activity – Write the letter sounds that we have learnt so far onto large fish cut outs ‘a, m, s, d, t, c,’ – Re-cap the letter sounds with your child and then spread them onto the floor or into a container. Ask your child to catch the fish (use spoons, spades or anything you have) and read the letter sound to you. If they struggle encourage them to re-read the letter and try again 🙂



2. This is a number challenge – Show your child these number lines – See if they can spot the missing numbers! They may find this tricky so be prepared to work through the concept with them and write it out again on paper. If they struggle, focus on reading the numbers and counting with them 🙂


                   1 _ 3 _ 5 


                  0 _ 2 _ 4


3. Here is another activity to engage your child –


Treasure hunt

Kids love finding hidden objects — especially when there’s a prize at the end. Simply write your clues on some slips of paper — get creative. Place the first clue somewhere easy to find, like inside your child’s snack or cereal bowl. Then leave as many clues as you like around the house, making a trail to the final clue. Instead of a prize, the treasure hunt can lead to various coins around the house. This way the kids get to collect all the coins and put them in their piggy banks in the end. 


4.  This next activity is ideal for the forecast hot weather! If you have some paint, freeze some water into cups. bowls/ice cube trays and add a little blob of paint to the water. Then find some card and allow your child to freely explore, make marks and play with the painted ice cubes or ice cube lollies. This might be a little messy but great for your child’s creativity!



5. Here is another recommended story to share with your child. Great for counting 🙂



6. Here is another Cosmic Yoga 🙂



I have given you a few more activities to do today, so you keep busy over Half Term! Enjoy your rest – Speak soon 🙂