Happy Thursday Nursery!

Good morning Nursery, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities 🙂 I am really missing you all and would love to hear from you and what you’ve all been up to! Start the morning by singing ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ with your grown up so you’re all awake and ready to start the day. Sing this song a few times until you’re definitely awake! Then count your fingers and your toes going forwards and backwards if you can from 0-20 🙂


  1. The first activity today is a writing activity. Draw lines or patterns across a piece of card or paper in pencil or a light felt tip and then encourage your child to trace over your patterns. Remember to hold your pen or pencil with the Tripod grip as I’ve taught you! You can also find worksheets on Twinkl for this activity – Just type into the search bar ‘pattern tracing worksheets’. If your child is confident with tracing over the patterns independently, encourage them to continue to trace / write their own full name or other short words E.G – dog, cat, pat, mat, cap etc. Sound out the words with them using the lower case phonetic sounds, form the letters for them, then write! 🙂 





2. The next activity is a 2d shape art activity. All you will need is different coloured card or paper, scissors and glue. Cut out a selection of shapes – Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Circle, Oval, and Rhombus – Allowing your child to attempt cutting independently but you may need to assist! Then demonstrate making different things, such as, a house, a rocket or a robot and encourage your child to do the same 🙂




3. The next activity is a pattern sorting activity. This activity builds mental organisational skills and observation of details. Find some paper and draw three different types of patterns onto each piece of paper. Cut out the patterns into square or circle shapes and muddle them up. Then find three containers and label the containers with each pattern. Encourage your child to sort each pattern into the separate allocated containers.



4. Here is another Cosmic Yoga to try 🙂



5. This story is one of my favourite stories – It is a fantastic book! Here is a an online reading of this book but I would recommend ordering this story online 🙂



Puzzles are a great activity for your child to do – They love them during Nursery! Ravensburger are great and you can find these on Amazon to buy 🙂




Here is a great tv show that encourages number for young children – You can find Numberblocks on CBEEBIES!




Enjoy your early bank holiday weekend – Remember we’ve made lots of things for you all to use and engage with independently  – Playdough, sensory trays, a number line, new rhymes, new songs and your name cards. Use / practice these whenever you choose over the weekend. I miss you all – Speak Monday! 🙂