Hello everybody!

Good morning Nursery, did you enjoy yesterday’s park walk? What did you see? What did you find? Talk to your child about their experience – Recall what you both saw and did in the park together 🙂


  1. Today’s first activity is a Shape activity – This activity explores construction and shape through play building and creating – If you have Lego or bricks get them out and have a go! Read the webpage for techniques to increase your child’s learning experience 🙂




2. The next activity focusses on fine motor skills and concentration – Follow the PDF and see how to conduct this activity and what resources you will need!



3. Here is another Cosmic Yoga to try – You should getting stronger at this now – Here is a slightly longer video!



Here is a Nursery Rhyme to learn (including the actions) over the weekend! Enjoy!


This is a classic British Nursery Rhyme sung as you do some common actions like brushing your hair, washing our face and even walking like a lady. Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush it’s a great song to sing throughout the year but particularly on a frosty day due to the words.

 Here we go round the mulberry bush,
the mulberry bush,
the mulberry bush!
Here we go round the mulberry bush,
On a cold and frosty morning!

Some extra verses that you could sing would be “This the way we brush our hair, brush our hair, brush our hair! This is the way we brush our hair, on a cold and frosty morning!”, wash our face, tie our shoes, walk to school, jump up and down etc.. Make it up with actions that your kids can mimic and then get them moving and acting them out around the house.



Here is a nice story to share with your child 🙂




Enjoy your weekend! Speak on Monday 🙂