Hello everyone!

Good morning Nursery,

Start the morning with one of the Nursery Rhymes I set you to learn last week – or one that you already know! Then I would like you to jump as high as you can, crouch as low as you can and lay on the ground flat as a pencil. Repeat this 5 times so I can be sure you’re all awake and ready to learn!

  1. Today’s first activity is a building activity. If you have Lego, Duple, cubes or bricks get them out ready. Then either draw a variation of shapes, such as, triangle, square or rectangle onto large paper depending on what you have. The challenge is to name the shape, then build the sides of the shape using the lego. See how high you can go!




2. All you will need for this activity is some dried pasta, string and paint or pens. This activity helps build fine motor skills and attention and listening skills for your child. Start by painting or decorating the pasta tubes and set to dry. Then begin threading the pasta onto the string until you’ve made a necklace or decoration long enough. Tie the end of the string and you’re finished!




3. This activity is great for building prewriting skills. It is excellent for children that struggle with pencil control and fine motor activities. All you need is a tray and either salt, flour, shaving foam or sand. Fill the tray until it is lightly covered then ask your child to draw with their fingers different digits or letters or write it for them to copy. Your child can practice the correct formation of each digit or they can just make patterns 🙂




4. Here is another Cosmic Yoga session for your child to try 🙂


5. Another book I highly recommend – Here is an online reading of the story on Youtube –



Speak tomorrow 🙂