Hello Nursery!

Hello everyone -Did you enjoy making Moon Sand yesterday? Have you had chance to explore how it feels? Start the morning by counting from 0-20 with your child. See if your child can count higher or backwards for a challenge!


  1. The first activity is a writing and reading based activity – Warm up your fingers by doing the Finger Aerobics we learnt last week – Practice holding your pencil using the correct pencil grip – Then you’re ready to begin! Trace over the letters and try to read the letters with your child. Look at the pictures and match the letter to the correct animal picture. Click on the link and have a go 🙂


Here is a link – Here is advised on teaching your child the correct initial phonetic sounds 🙂





2. The next activity is a PSHE based task – It is important that your child explores their emotions and can identify with their feelings. Look in the mirror with your child – Make different faces that could reflect their emotions – See if they can make different faces and attach the correct emotion. If not, teach them and demonstrate!



3. Here is a Jo Wicks PE session –



Here is another story 🙂



Speak tomorrow Nursery 🙂