Hello Nursery!

Hello Nursery, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities and spent your day busy exploring!Ā Start the morning by recapping what activities we completed yesterday – Which activity did you enjoy the most? Did you enjoy counting with the Teddy? What colours, shapes or patterns can you see through your kaleidoscope?


  1. Today’s first activity is movie making! All you will need is a smart phone or tablet – I would like you to make a video about what you see outside. Go on a walk with your grown up or explore in your garden – What can you see? Are there any insects or plants? What is the weather like? What can you smell? What can you hear? Once you have completed your exploration start to video your child recounting on what you found outside – Focus on their speech and confidence and ability to recall what they have explored! Have fun!


2. The next activity is a shape pattern sequencing game – This activity focusses on naming shapes and repeating the correct sequence of shapes – This game can also be accessed via a smart phone or tablet šŸ™‚




3. The next activity is a listening and attention game to play indoors or in the garden with your child –

Musical Hide and Seek

Play music from a phone and hide it from the children. You and the children can then search together to figure out where the music is coming from. This activity helps children to focus on what they can hear and gets them moving!

Here is another fantastic story šŸ™‚

Speak tomorrow everyone šŸ™‚