Hello Nursery!

Good morning Nursery! I hope you’re all awake and ready to begin today’s activities 🙂 Start the morning by counting from 1-20 forwards and backwards (or further). You should be really good at this by now, all ready for September!


  1. Today’s first activity is a phonics based activity – This activity encourages children to listen and make social connections with the sounds that they hear – Your child will need to listen and focus during this activity which are all core skills for younger children to develop! Follow the link below and have a go 🙂



2. The next activity focusses on creative arts and design – This can be a messy activity – Embrace the mess! All you will need is some big card or paper, yogurt tops, cocktail sticks and paint. Watch the YouTube video below to have a go 🙂



3. The next activity is a park walk! However, I would like you to make your own ‘park check list’ to take with you when you explore the park – Draw pictures, mark make or write words for / with your child to create their own park check list! This will encourage your child to observe their surroundings and spot things they haven’t seen before. Below are some simple examples of what your checklist could look like 🙂



Here is another lovely story 🙂



Enjoy! Speak tomorrow 🙂