Hello Nursery!

Good morning Nursery! How did you find yesterday’s activities? Start the morning counting forwards and backwards as high as you can go – See if you can improve how high you can count – What is your best score?


  1. Today’s first activity is a literacy based activity – Listen to the sounds with your child and match the sounds to the correct letter (You may need to do this a few times) – If your child needs extending further with the activity try and encourage them to form the letters in writing with you šŸ™‚Ā https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/api/interactives/24491.html


2. The next activity is an arts based idea! Collect all of the resources that you have around the house – Tissue paper, card, pipe cleaners, paper, pens etc. Create a rainbow collage using different medias for a textured effect – Focus on sticking, cutting and scrunching skills with your child šŸ™‚



3. The next activity is an online maths activity – You have completed this Teddy counting game before – However, today I want you to focus on counting above 1-15. Good luck!



Here is a lovely story šŸ™‚



Have a lovely day – Stay busy!