Hello Nursery!

Good morning Nursery! How are you all today? Do you think you could start the day by singing the rhyme we learnt the other day? Can you remember the letter sound that we learnt? Can you make the sound that letter makes? Do you think you could write it again?


  1. Today’s first activity is an online maths game – This game focusses on connecting numbers and dots together that match – Try 1-5 and then extend your child from 1-10. Have a go 🙂




2. The next activity is a literacy-based activity. The activity focusses on creating rhyming pairs – such as, ‘mat’ and ‘bat’ etc. Draw pictures of different things that rhyme onto pieces of card. Then encourage your child to make pairs with the correct matching sets. This may be tricky for your child – Have a go!

Rhyming pairs

Make a matching rhymes game, by writing pairs of rhyming words on pieces of card, along with pictures (either drawn or cut out of magazines). This can be played either as a memory game (cards face down) or as a simple pairing game (cards face up).


3. Here is a recipe for alphabet biscuits – Try and make your child’s name or initial letter with this recipe! Include your child in all stages of the baking – Encourage new vocabulary and concepts throughout baking. Enjoy 🙂





Here is another excellent story 🙂




Enjoy today’s activities! Stay busy 🙂