Hello Nursery!

Hello Nursery! I hope you are all okay today. Today is Wednesday the third day of the week šŸ™‚ See if you can use the number line that we made to count from 0-20 with your grown up. Remember to point at all the correct numbers!


  1. Today I have a few shape activities for you to try: Can you name this shape? then count all of the stars and name their colours. Then can you show your grown up the smallest and the biggest star in the row. Challenge – Can you count the corners and sides of the star shapes?Ā 



2. This time – Can you remember the name of this shape? Then can you count all of the Oval shapes you can see under the water?



3. The next activity is an art based activity. All you will need is some paint and paper. I want you to make a rainbow using paint and your fingers to create the dots. Pay attention to the shape of the rainbow – this is called an Arch! What colours can you see within the rainbow?



4. Here is another Cosmic Yoga for you all to try :



5. Another fantastic story for you to read or listen to via YouTube –




I hope you enjoy today’s activities! Speak tomorrow šŸ™‚