Hello Nursery!

Good morning Nursery! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s activities and have had a good nights sleep – All ready for today’s activities πŸ™‚


  1. Here a free online performance. The puppet show is the story of Β ‘I want my hat back’ Β made by Β The Little Angle Theatre Company πŸ™‚ Introducing children to different forms of literature is great at their point in development. New vocabulary is key!




2. This next activity is great for indoors or outside in the garden. Have a teddy and toy picnic! Make sandwiches, cakes, snacks and drinks with your child. Include them in the preparation of the picnic. Allow them to help and learn the basic cutting, mixing, pouring skills – as much as possible πŸ™‚ When your picnic is prepared take your toys and teddies outside to eat, drink, and talk. It might be nice to bring a story to read!



3. Here is a great children’s program that explores number and counting. This video starts with the number 1 then develops to number 20. It gives children a good understanding of number and quantity πŸ™‚



4. Here is another activity to engage your child – This activity develops mouth articulation and strength for speech πŸ™‚


You don’t have to go outside to enjoy bubbles. For this indoor game, you need a plate and straw for each player, some dishwashing soap and water. Place a dime-size drop of dish soap at the centre of each plate. Pour a little water onto the plate and gently mix with the dish soap until some suds start to form. Have the kids place the straw in the suds and blow very gently. Watch as massive bubbles start to form. To make this competitive, see who blows the biggest, or longest-lasting, bubble.


Here is another fantastic story to read to your child πŸ™‚



Have a lovely weekend! Speak on Monday πŸ™‚