Hello Nursery!

Good morning Nursery! How are you all today? Today, can you find out what day is it? It is the fourth day of the week. Sing our ‘days of the week’ song to find out 🙂 Next, can you use the number line that we made to count from 1-20. Can you go forwards and backwards? or beyond 20!


  1. This is a height and length ordering activity. Show your child the images and discuss which trees are tallest and shortest. Then explain that you need to order them from tallest to shortest – Pointing at the trees as you’re explaining the activity! Click on the link below to start the activity 🙂





2. The next activity encourages imaginative play and role-play – These skills develop a whole host of skills for your child!


Play ‘talent show’

Use finger puppets or cuddly animals to act out a favourite song or dance to a favourite tune. You could also, encourage them to dress up, imagine themselves as a character and come up with their own song or situation. You can add props or anything you have at home to extend their imaginative play! This would be a good opportunity to encourage early writing or counting skills 🙂


3. This is a great video to help children remember how to form their numbers – Watch the video – Then have a go at forming numbers 0-9 together on paper. Use different colours and resources to make it fun. Don’t forget to sign the rhymes whilst writing!



Here is another story to try 🙂



Enjoy! Speak tomorrow 🙂