Hello Nursery!

Today we are going to start by using the number line that you made yesterday!

  1. Start by counting forwards and backwards from 1-10/20 pointing at the numbers as you go along the number line. Then your grown up can take down a number from the number line or cover up a number (depending how you have made it). Count from the beginning again together until you reach the ‘missing number’ – Try and guess which number has disappeared! Keep doing this with a few different combinations of numbers. Try and do it with a few numbers at the same time. Below is an example of what you could try! This may be tricky but keep trying!!




2. I would like you to all try making play dough at home. It is very easy to do and doesn’t require many ingredients. This also means that we will be able to use the play dough for exploring and creating on a different day. Play dough is excellent for improving fine motor skills and finger strength! The recipe below only requires flour, water and salt. If you want to change the colour of the dough just add a small drop of food colouring to the dough once made. Allow your child to be a part of the process of making the play dough together!  🙂



3.  This next activity helps children to practice recognising their own name. We do this everyday at Nursery but it’s been a while so they may need reminding! Get a large piece of paper and write lots of random names onto the page, including their name. Write their name multiple times in different fonts, sizes and colours to challenge your child. Then ask your child to put a circle around their name – Remind them that it has been written more than once!




4. Try to do Joe Wick’s workout to keep your children moving and active over this time! This is session one and it is only 5 minutes long. Have a go!




5. Here is another story that I recommend – Find it on amazon or watch it on you tube!




PS. Oak Academy have released a series of lessons and activities for primary school children, starting from Reception. However, there are some activities within the Reception section that we can use for Nursery. If you type in Oak Academy a website will appear – Find online classroom – Find Subject – Find Reception – and have a look at the different lessons and resources that are available. Tomorrow we will be focussing on one of the daily lessons they offer!


I hope you enjoy today’s activities – Speak tomorrow 🙂