Hello Thursday!

Good morning Nursery, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities – Keep practicing everything we have learnt daily whenever you have chance! Start the morning by counting your fingers from 1-10, jumping, hopping and doing star jumps to a select number. After that, see if you can sing/recall one of our rhymes from yesterday, then get started with today’s new activities!

  1. Today’s first activity is going to focus on 2d shapes – We have done lots of work on this area over the year so you should super confident with all of your shapes and their properties. Draw a selection of 2d shapes onto a piece of paper for your child. Name the shapes together, count the corners and sides of each shape and then colour in. Then allow your child to name the shapes independently and write the number of sides or corners that each shape has under the correct picture. Your child may need assistance with writing the numbers, therefore it may be more suitable to write the numbers onto small pieces of paper for your child to match up instead.




2. This activity is also based on shapes and cutting skills. Allow your child to attempt to use scissors to cut these shapes out to create a boat/seaside image – Every child has become very capable of using scissors independently so try not to do it for them. Name the shapes with the child and create the picture together. You may want to use other materials, paint or pens to create the rest of the image. Get creative, I am sure your child will have their own ideas!

3. It is also important to read non-fiction books with your child as well as fiction texts. This way they can learn and observe new factual information and make links with their own life experiences. Here is a book about seashores which I recommend!


4. Here is an episode of Barnaby Bear at the Seaside which the children will enjoy! It teaches them about what happens at The Seaside:


Lastly, if you go on a walk today – Practice putting on your own coat and doing your own zip. Have a go!

Speak tomorrow Nursery x