Latest news on reopening

I hope you are all keeping safe and accessing the work on the website every day.

After the Government announcement 3 weeks ago we have been working hard and making the school safe for the children from Years 6, 1 & Reception to be able to return. I have written to all parents in those year groups and have now telephoned each one to talk about what we can offer and what school now looks like. The most children we can have in their original classroom with their own teacher is between 8 and 12 depending on the room size, so this means only part-time attendance even for those wanting to come back and some children will be in different rooms with different staff. The days are shorter as the children need to come and go at different times and the days will be more challenging for the children as we have to stay in our rooms for most of the day and cannot have our normal free play breaks. Life in school is going to be very different for everyone!

We are welcoming Year 6 back this week and around 10 children will be joining us before the summer. Next week we see Year 1 coming back to join us. Many parents have decided to keep their children home until September and we want to reassure parents whatever your decision, we are here to support you. No action will be taken against parents by the Government or the Local Authority if your children stay at home. The website will be fully operational until the end of the term with work being posted daily.

If your child does return to us we will be welcoming them back eagerly and making school as interesting and motivating as possible. We hope those children coming back will feel confident and safe in returning and their parents will support them to know school has changed and there are some new rules to follow but the adults are here to help them.

The Local Authority has created a video for parents to share with their children to support their return to school: