Monday 11th May

Good Monday, Lions.

We are starting another week of home learning. I know it is hard, but I hope you are all following the rules and not mixing with people who do not live with you. No playing with friends at the park. No going round other people’s houses.



Everyday Geography

Every day as we open our curtains we get our first glimpse of the wider world, but how much do we take in? Do we notice the subtle changes and difference; the buds on the trees, the neighbour’s bins out, the traffic, the birdsong or lack thereof?  Look out of the same window in your house each day for a week and list ten things you observe, or you could draw the view. Do these things change at all over the week? Why have  any changes happened and will there  be further change?


Read, Write Inc

Continue to follow the online lessons. Click on the youtube lessons.

You can find the books here



I know a lot of you have read some of the ‘Treehouse’ books. On the following website, you can see the author talk about the books and set a writing challenge.

Putting Yourself At The Heart of Stories with Andy Griffiths


Orange group

Today you will multiply and divide by 8. Follow the lesson here.

Activity 1 is here:


Mark your work.

orange x8 answers


Green, blue and purple groups.

Today we are using multiplying and dividing to solve problems. Follow the lesson below.

Activity 1 questions are here:


Mark your work.


Activity 2 is here.


Mark your work.



Keep safe,


Miss P x