Monday 18th May

Happy Monday, Lions.

I hope you all had a safe weekend, and as good as it could be. I expect you miss seeing your friends and family, I know I do.


Read, Write Inc

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You can find the books here



Hope Jones Saves the World   by Josh Lacey.



Read the book from page 25 to page 37.

  • Read page 30. Do you think Mr Corrigan and Mr Schnitzel will reply? What might they say? Write a letter from Hope to them.
  • Why do you think Hope is crying on page 33? What might she be thinking and feeling?

You can find more information about the book and the author here:


Saving The World With Josh Lacey


Go on a plastic hunt and record how many plastic objects you find throughout your home, in each room. Turn your results in to a bar graph.

In which room did you find the most plastic? Why might this be? What alternatives and solutions can you think of to reduce your family’s consumption and use of plastic?




Read through the powerpoint and complete the questions asked.

plastic pollution



resource image

This picture is called ‘Left Behind’. Why?

What do you think has happened?

Who is the girl in the picture?

Why is she dressed in this way?

In what way(s) have things gone wrong for her?

Who is on the flying ship?

Why is she feeling panic and despair? Why might these feelings be ‘overwhelming’?

What will the girl do next? Will the ship turn back?

Why has it left without her?

Think about who might be on the ship, and what they look like. Can you draw them?



Orange group

Today you will be recognising angles.


Green, blue and purple groups

Today you will be calculating with money.





Keep smiling,


Miss P x