Monday 20th April

Morning Lions and welcome to the summer term.

I hope you are all well and ready to continue your home learning.


If you would like to listen to a story, there are some free on the World Book Day website.


Our Concept work is about the Romans. We will start by learning about Roman Invasions. There is a text to read and questions to answer in your books. There is also a powerpoint with a task set.


  1. Who was living in Britain in 55BC?
  2. Who was the leader of the Roman leader in Gaul?
  3. Why didn’t the Romans land at Dover, as they had planned?
  4. When the Roman army landed, what did the soldiers have to cope with that they weren’t used to?


5. How many legions were sent over in 54BC?

6. What was it about Britain at that time that made it easier for the Romans to fight?

7. What was the peaceful solution on offer to the tribes?

8. What was the good thing about the invasion in 54BC?


9. Why did Emperor Claudius want to invade Britain?

10. Where did the Roman soldiers set up camp in the south?

11. What evidence is there of a fierce battle at Maiden Castle?


  1. The Celts tried to defend themselves with thousands of stones from the beach put in to slingshots. How do you think the historians knew this?
  2. If you were a Celtic chieftain or king, would you submit to the Romans or fight them? Why?
  3. Why do you think Emperor Claudius travelled to Britain the following summer, instead of leading the invasion?


Click on the link to access the powerpoint.

Roman Invasion



In Maths, we are going to practise multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

Remember to use the place value grid

TH   H   T   O   .   t   h   th

Write the number in the correct columns. If you are multiplying by 10, 100 or 1000, the number will get larger. Numbers move to the left. Make sure you keep the decimal point in the correct place. To divide, the numbers move to the right.

3.6 x 10

H   T   O   .   t   h

3    .  6

3    6   .  0


Answers tomorrow.


If you want to try something a bit different, Oti Mabuse has some dance lessons.



Keep reading and practising your spellings and times tables.


Miss P x