Monday 20th July

Good morning, Lions.

It’s the last day of Year 4. We have had a short year, not starting together until the end of September, and then with coronavirus causing us to go into lockdown, but I have enjoyed teaching you all and have missed you.

Over the holidays, my challenge to you is to keep practising the times tables so you become more accurate and quicker. This will help your maths in Year 5.


Read, Write Inc

Continue to follow the online lessons. Click on the youtube lessons.


You can find the books here



Orange group


Green, Blue and Purple groups




Some maths challenges to finish the term.


Orange group


Green, Blue and Purple groups




There are some ideas for writing here. Make sure you check with your adult if you want to submit your work.

The Quick-Fire Write! (KS2)



If you want some art activities for over the holiday, have a look here.


I hope you all have a lovely summer. Remember to stay safe and keep following the rules.

See you in September, when you will be in Year 5!

Miss P x