Monday 4th May

Good Monday, Lions.

I hope you are all well, and being helpful to your adults.

Read, Write Inc

Continue to follow the online lessons. Click on the youtube lessons.

You can find the books here



Today we will start reading another Oxford Owl book.

Log in to Oxford Owl and click on ebooks. Find the book ‘Here Comes Trouble’.

Read chapter 1 of ‘Here Comes Trouble’.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Why did Trudy dread Friday afternoons?
  2. How do you think she felt, when Rob made comments?
  3. Find two synonyms for ‘said’.
  4. Find an expanded noun phrase in chapter 1.
  5. Who do you think was the most upset at the end of chapter 1? Explain why?



Continue with the online lessons.

Story: SPaG focus – Fronted adverbials

Story: Continue a story


To beatbox using rhythmic patterns



You will be revising equivalent fractions

Week 2, lesson 5. Watch the teaching video then complete the activities.


When you have finished, mark your work.


Then complete Summer week 1, lessons 1


When you have finished, mark your work.

Green, blue, purple

You will continue revising fractions and decimals.

Summer 1, lesson 1

When you have finished, mark your answers.


Keep using EdShed and practising your tables.

Miss P x