Message from Mrs Fearns

Good morning parents & children of St George’s. As we start the second week of Lock Down I just wanted to make contact with you to let you know that school has not completely abandoned you and we have all been very busy working behind the scenes to try and get some order in the chaos that is all around us.

Children should be accessing work daily on their class pages and so we are continuing with learning as best we can.

We ask that parents continue to read on a daily basis and even if you finish the books you have at home keep re-reading them, it is the daily practice that is important, not so much what they are reading.

School closed to the majority of children very quickly and we had no prior warning that we would be in lock down that quickly. We had an army of people trying to get learning packs together and out to the children and we delivered them to anyone who was not in the previous week on last Monday & Tuesday. Unfortunately if you were not in on those days at the time we visited then you did not get your pack.

We also delivered vouchers to the children who are registered for Free School Meals. Unfortunately this does not include the whole of Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 as this is not the Government Universal Meals. Free School Meals means the children who were registered because of financial disadvantage prior to the Corona crisis. These children will get either vouchers or food parcels over the coming weeks, but will not get them for the planned Easter Holidays between the 2nd & 19th April.

The school has been working hard with the County Council and there will be a local hub set up in great Yarmouth to help people who cannot get food or medicines if they are self-isolating and for any families that are struggling due to now not working because of the crisis. We will give you details of the number as soon as we have them.

We sent out a text last week with telephone numbers of Mrs Floate, Miss McGrath and Mrs Fearns for you to use if you need help in some way. These are switched on Monday to Friday 9-3.

I will be adding a daily message for you on this page – so please come back and visit soon.

Keep safe everyone, we can all get through this if we work together and follow the rules.

Mrs Fearns