New skill

We have finished our week on ‘checking’ by considering, ‘Is this my best work/ behaviour/ attitude?’  Although we focus on a different skill each week, I expect the children to keep developing the skills we have already covered (a full list of them can be found on our class webpage).

Next week we will be focussing on ‘Organising’.  As the children get older we expect them to take more responsibility for their belongings and becoming more organised: saying they haven’t got their homework because their parent didn’t put it in their bag is no longer acceptable in Year 5!

Their skills homework this week is to design a timetable of jobs for them to do each day, eg do homework, read or take P.E. kit to school.  Feel free to add any extra jobs they have at home to encourage them to become more organised with chores at home.

As they will be producing something that they will need at home they do not need to stick it in their homework books or bring it into school, unless they wish to.  Hopefully you can display it where they can check it regularly to keep them organised.