Old and new

Welcome back to the beginning of another new week everybody!

As I told you on Friday we our learning about Old and New Bear this week. We are hoping your families will be able to share lots with you about their bears from when they were younger like you are now.


Here is a video ‘Old Bear Stories’, Mrs Pollard has found from when we were both younger which we both used to enjoy watching at the weekend with our families. Ask your grown-ups whether they used to watch this programme too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm_S-9mowys

Challenge – We would like you to draw a picture of your favourite bear and then measure you bear to see how tall they are. You can use building bricks, lego, a ruler, a tape measure, pasta or other things you can think to use. I wonder how tall your bear is? Are they taller or shorter than you?  What other things can you compare their height against?

You can ‘fred talk’ the word bear – two ‘fred fingers’ pinch each finger and say each sound “b.ear” – bear. What other words can you ‘fred talk’ think back to last weeks English zoom lessons and practise those.


Here’s a challenge, can you throw your teddy (not too high) in the air and see how many times you can catch it! If you go for a walk you can try this with a ball too.

Have a lovely day everyone and we’ll see you soon at zoom school. 🙂

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard