Phased Re-opening

After the Government announcement last week, parents are probably wanting information about how we intend to re-open. As you can imagine it is a very complicated process and needs lots of careful thought and planning. What we do know is it will not be possible to open on the 1st June due to staffing and organisation, we also know school is in no way going to be the same, so children will have to be part time, days will be shorter as there will be no lunch time play and school will start and finish at different times for different year groups. What we also know is that parents can choose not to send their child back before the summer holidays and there will be no action taken against those that do not come back, but we will want to know they are safe. Your biggest question you will be asking yourselves is – is it safe for your child to come back? You will have to answer that for yourself but if you are asking my own personal opinion, I do not consider it safe for anyone to congregate in groups at the moment. Obviously we will have to follow Govt. direction and begin to open the school and we will make it as safe as we can, but ultimately bringing people together in large groups in enclosed spaces at this moment in time is likely to increase infection not decrease it, so it is a risk you will have to decide whether you want to take at the moment. Once a plan has been completed we will send a letter out to all parents NEXT WEEK detailing the first steps we will take to begin to bring the children back to school. Parents need to understand the safety of children and staff comes first and this process will take some time. We will continue to provide home schooling materials on this website until the end of the summer term for children who want to stay safe at home.        Mrs Fearns