Good attendance is really important – we cannot teach your child if they are absent. Children quickly fall behind if they are away from school even for a short time. If you keep your child away from school unnecessarily you are directly damaging their education.

It is the law that children between the ages of 5 and 16 attend school regularly. If your child attends for less than 95% of term time we will want to meet with you to discuss the issue. If attendance falls to 85% the County Council can prosecute parents through the court process that will result in fines, a criminal record and sometimes even a prison sentence.

If your child has to be absent we will need to know the reason why?  If your child is absent please ring the office to let us know on the first morning (before 9 a.m.) or in advance of any planned absence. Official absences include sickness, doctors, dentist, and hospital appointments but we may request evidence for these absences.

We strongly advise you not to take your child out of school at any time if this is at all possible. We only authorise absence in term time that is deemed to be in exceptional circumstances and you need to complete & return a holiday form at least 5 days before the intended absence. We will let you know whether or not we are able to authorise your child’s absence as quickly as possible.  General holidays are NOT authorized during term time.

It should be noted that parents of Nursery and Reception children who start school with us before they are of compulsory school age, must agree to abide by all of our policies and practices and includes our requirements for attendance of 95%.Nursery children who have persistently low attendance of 80% or less will have their nursery place withdrawn after being given notice through our attendance panel process.


Being on time is also very important – if children miss the start of the school day they will be behind everyone else in their understanding in that lesson. School STARTS at 8.45am. Arriving on time and prepared enables a calm start to the day. If you arrive after 8.55am you are considered to be late with your child and you will need to complete a late form stating the reason. This will be held with your child’s records and if lateness is identified as a problem you may be required to attend a panel to discuss the issue.

At the end of the day (3pm) please be prompt to collect your child & inform us if you are going to be late. Children who are collected late often feel upset and worried.


CLICK HERE for our Attendance Policy 2017