We support parents, carers and the wider community in ways that we hope resolve disputes and issues quickly and effectively. We actively listen to families and take complaints seriously.

In the first instance issues should be raised with the class teacher if it is about their child or class practice.

If families feel their issue remains unresolved to their satisfaction by the class teacher or the issue is not related to their child or class then they should raise it with the Assistant Head Teacher or the Head Teacher.

The Assistant Head Teacher or Head Teacher will meet informally with them and then investigate the issue and report back to them informally with findings and actions undertaken or proposed, where appropriate. It is always hoped that issues can be resolved by this point. If the meeting has been with the Assistant Head Teacher and families remain unhappy with the outcomes it will then be referred to the Head Teacher for further consideration.

If the family feels that the Head Teacher’s response is not appropriate then they can make a formal complaint by writing to the Head Teacher who will then follow the Formal Complaints procedure.

If the family still feels their complaint has not been appropriately dealt with, then a formal complaint can be made to the Governing Body. The Governing Body will hear the complaint and review the actions taken and will make a final decision on the complaint.

Parents can also contact Governors through the school office if they need advice, support or feel that their voice is not being heard in any way.

CLICK HERE to see the St George’s Primary & Nursery School Complaints Policy March 20