Remembrance Day 2017

As part of Remembrance Day, Stingrays took part in a WW1 Project. We researched some of the soldiers that enlisted during the war who were also alumni.


We researched Francis Balem (1892 – 1916) an ex pupil of St Georges who bravely served in the Canadian regiment. His name can be observed in the memorial plaque in St Georges outside the hall.


In light of this moving project, in Year 4 we explored what life was like in the trenches and wrote journals from the point of view of the young soldier but also the loved one who would have to wait agonizingly for the war to end.


We also wrote poetry in the style of a Cinquain. This kind of poetry follows a 5-line verse with the each line having a specific syllable count, following a 2, 4, 6, 8 and finally 2 count. Our poetry was based around the war.