Friday already!

Good morning one and all!

I cannot believe it’s Friday already – This week has flown by!

Today is the last day of our Bear topic and I would like you to research and find out about a Black Bear. I know I asked you to learn about a Brown Bear yesterday but I am intrigued to see whether there is a difference between a Brown and Black Bear.

Here’s some facts I have found;

Black Bears‘ ears stick straight up, they are more prominent than in Brown Bears. They also have a straight “Roman nose” facial profile, while Brown Bears have a concave or “dished” profile. Both types of Bears are found throughout forested areas in Alaska, though generally not in the same places.

See if you are able to find some more interesting facts!

I would also like you to create a Black Bear using a toilet roll and what ever materials you have in your home. Here is one I have made for you to see what I would like you to do.

Cardboard Tube Bear Craft - Creative Family Fun | Bear crafts, Cardboard tube crafts, Animal crafts for kids


Following on from yesterday’s zoom lesson, I would like you to draw around yours and your families feet preferably 10 (more if you’d like). I would then like you to write one number on each foot, so 1 in one foot, 2 in another foot and so one. Once you have done this I would like you to put them in order 1-10 (more if you would like).

Challenge – I said to those of you who joined our story yesterday – See how many apples you can count which fell from the tree and landed on Brown Bear? I have attached a picture from the story for you to see. You should be able to see the picture in the ‘Featured tag’ on the right hand side of the page. 🙂



Mrs Pollard and I learned from our research of both Black and Brown Bears that they like to eat fish. Can you use your ‘Fred Fingers’ to ‘Fred Talk’ the word ‘f.i.sh’. Once you have done this I would you to draw a fish in you red text books and then practise forming each letter which makes a sound to make the word fish. Grown-ups, please remember to write today’s date in top right hand corner so I can refer to these at a later date – Thank-you. 🙂

Fine Motor Skills

If you were able to make play-dough yesterday, I would would like you use this today to manipulate the play-dough into different sized balls and different sized lengths to create a Bear.


Today’s challenge is for you to see how many big animal jumps you can do or how far you can jump. For the jumping I would like someone to count how many you jumps you can do and then I’d like you to swap and you to count how many jumps they can do. For the distance jumping stand at one side of your room, garden, or outside and see how far you and family can jump. Who can jump the furthest, or shortest distance? You can measure the distance using your feet to count how many feet long you each jumped.

Have a great day today and a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday. 🙂

Miss Thrower & The Nursery Team