th-ur-s-d-ay – Thursday!

A very warm welcome to you all on this chilly morning!


Today I would like you to have a look on your bear to see where it was made. Mrs Pollard has just shown me over zoom her ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ which is purchased from Disneyland Florida but is actually made in China! Mrs Pollard found this information on a label under the bear. As I have said, have a look to see where your bear was made and then either look in a Atlas or on Google maps to see where the Country is located in the world and where your bear first came from. I wonder how many miles your bear travelled to get to our Country? See if you can find out with your grown-ups.

Fine Motor Skills

I would like you use a shoe lace, a long piece of string, wool or ribbon and tie a knot in the end to stop the pasta form falling off and  then use which ever material you’ve selected to thread individual pieces of pasta onto the material. This is a form of developing children’s hand eye co-ordination. I would like you to count how many pieces of pasta you have threaded onto the material. You can compare who’s threaded more you or your grown-up. You can also measure how long each piece of material is and compare lengths.


Draw and colour a woodland scenery like the one from our story yesterday to create your own story for you and your bear to go on a imaginary walk through.


Why not have a family story like our ‘story time’ at Nursery or zoom school. It’s a lovely way to come together as a family and create some special memories. Children love to have stories read to them, join in whilst they’re being read to or create your own story. This builds up lots of discussion, imagination, new words being heard – get reading everyone!


When out on your daily exercise take a football with your and find some trees, stones, sticks or pine cones and set a obstacle course for you to dribble your football around. This will help you negotiate space, anticipate what you will need to do next, control the ball and take turns with your family.

Have a great day!

See you all at zoom school 🙂

Miss Thrower & Mrs Pollard