Thank you to all of the parents and family members who have helped us by being patient and supportive this week with our staggered return to school for the children. As you will have seen and experienced all of the children have been coming and going at different times of the day and it has been very complicated, but you all stuck with it and the result is that we have nearly every child back in school and it has been very calm and Covid safe and all of the children have really enjoyed their week – as have all of the staff. So again, THANK YOU!

Some of you have raised the issue about lunch being served quite early to the children and I just wanted to explain why this has been put in place. As you know we are keeping the children apart using a 1m distance, the hall will now only seat 60 children safely and with having to use the hall for PE, we can only now get through two sittings in a day and so the other 90 children have to eat in their classrooms. In order to be able to keep all of the class bubbles separate and clean all of the equipment extra time is needed, we are therefore having to start some lunches earlier and finish others later. We strongly believe that all children should have access to a hot meal and the children are ready to eat at any time, so it has not caused the children any problems.

The TRIM TRAIL (playground equipment) is currently CLOSED and is not being cleaned so this is not Covid safe so please keep off the equipment at all times please.

Please continue to come to school ON TIME and NOT EARLY as we need to continue to keep classes separate. Next week Years 6, 5, 4 & 3 start at 8.45am and finish at 2.30pm and Years 2, 1 & Reception start at 9am and finish at 2.45pm. If you have children across the school then they all come to school and get picked up together at the earlier times in both cases i.e. 8.45am and 2.30pm.

Have a good weekend everyone and we look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

Mrs Fearns