Thoughtful Thursday

Hello, hello, it’s good to see you, we are missing you!

Thank you to all those children and their grown-ups who joined ‘zoom school’ yesterday, we are hoping to see more of you join us today. 🙂


Today we are learning about Brown Bears here’s a fact video for you to watch.


I wonder where you might find a Brown Bear?

Does a Brown Bear live in the Arctic like a Polar Bear?

Does a Bear have feet or paws?

Who is taller us or a Brown Bear?

What does a Brown Bear like to eat?

Does a Brown Bear wash in a bath like us?

Did the Brown Bear do the Polar Bear Paddle when swimming?  Those of you who joined our zoom story yesterday will be able to answer this question. 🙂


In your learning packs you will find a sheet with coloured bears on. I would like you to go on a colour hunt around your home and match the objects you find to the correct colour bear. You will need to cut the bears out too so you’ll need to use your fine motor skills, follow the lines to cut around the outline of each bear. Once you’ve found lots of different coloured objects, I challenge you to count how many objects you have in each group! Which colour bear has the most objects, which has the least and does any group have the same amount?

Extension; If you have other coloured objects you could draw and colour your own bears so you can make additional groups.


Today in your red text book, I would like you to practise your pencil control. If your grown-ups can write the words; Bear, Brown, Fur and Paws in a yellow felt tip. I would then like you to trace around each sound forming the letter. Grown-ups, if you know your child is able to form these letters without the yellow pen then please let them form them independently.

Challenge – I would like everyone to have a go at forming the letters which make a sound independently as this will help to develop your pencil control and letter formation.

Creative & Fine Motor Skills

In your learning packs you will find a recipe to make play-dough – It’s a simple and easy recipe to follow and a fantastic way to help strengthen your muscle tone in your hands, wrists and fingers which all help you develop you pencil grip. I am hoping to start ‘Funky Finger’s’ next week and having play-dough helps support this activity. I have included a copy of the ‘Funky Finger’s’ routine so you can all be practising before we start next week. 🙂  Grown-ups, please don’t worry if you don’t have the ingredients to make the play-dough we can adapt the session.


When out for your daily exercise today so if you leave footprints in the frost on the ground, sand (if you walk on the beach), in the mud or grass. See if your footprints are the same size as a Brown Bears paws prints! You can also compare you footprints to your families to – Who has the; biggest, smallest or middle sized footprint?… To help keep you can whilst our on your walk you can do some jogging too, can you jog for 1 minute and then walk for 2 minutes, jog for 1 minute and walk for 2 minutes, ask your family to join in too.

Have a lovely day and we look forward to seeing at ‘Zoom School’.

The Nursery Team