Thursday 14th May

Hi Lions.

I hope you are all keeping well and trying to do your home learning.



answers from yesterday

  1. Who is the illustrator of the book? Ben Whitehouse
  2. When was the book first published? 2015
  3. Is the chapter written in the first or third person? first
  4. Write a simile from the story. chattered like fools
  5. Why were the princesses rude? They stared at the pimple on his nose.
  6. How did he interview the princesses? He asked them 20 questions.
  7. Why did he think he was wasting his time? They were not suitable. They were too stuck up or too giggly.
  8. Why was the cake uneaten? They didn’t want to spoil their outfits with crumbs. They were too busy tossing their hair and being snooty. 
  9. Snooty means stuck up or showing disapproval to others as you feel superior. Write a sentence using the word ‘snooty’. Own answers.
  10. Who do you think was by the pond? A scruffy woman dressed in black. A witch. 
  11. What do you think will happen next? Use clues from the chapter. He will turn in to a frog.

Read, Write Inc

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Hope Jones Saves the World   by Josh Lacey.

Create a spider diagram of words, themes, pictures and ideas linked to pollution.


Read the book to page 5. The story is written in a blog format. What are the features of a blog? How is a blog similar and different to a diary?

Read to the end of page 10.

When Hope starts her blog, her mum and dad are worried about ‘nutters’ online. What do you know about staying safe online? Remember our discussions about this.

Create a poster to teach children how to be sensible and safe when using the internet, apps and video games.

Use pages 6 to 10 to write your own introduction to a blog in your home learning book. Include information about you, your family and pets.

Which information would be sensible to share and which information should be kept private?

Remember to write in a friendly and chatty tone.


You can find more information about the book and the author here:

Saving The World With Josh Lacey



We are continuing the work on persuasion.



Today, we are continuing to use different measures. It is week 3, Friday.



We are going to continue our work on sound.

Hearing Sounds


Keep safe,


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