Thursday 18th June

Hi Lions.

I hope you are all keeping well and doing some home learning.


Read, Write Inc

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Romulus and Remus eBook

Today, we are revising fronted adverbials.

Fronted adverbials in ‘Romulus and Remus’ include ‘A long time ago’ and ‘When the servant reached the river with the twins’. Look again at the story and identify some more fronted adverbials.

Sort the adverbials in to what they show.



Imagine you are the twins’ parents. What might Rhea Silvia and Mars be thinking, feeling and saying during the twins’ conflict?

Use the information below to help you.



Orange group

Today you will be ordering and calculating mass.


Green, Blue and Purple groups

Today you will be learning about symmetry



What do you know about Rome?


Write some facts or create a poster showing what you have learnt.


Keep safe,

Miss P x